Multi-coloured blenders,texturals

We stock full ranges of cotton fabrics that are what i call "blenders" that are just one colour with slight hints of other colours but very subtle-like the ever popular Fossil Fern, jinny beyer pallette , Bali Handpaint. The multi-coloured cottons are in bands of colour from Caryl Bryar Fallert and are just stunning and jewell-like. The new Shadowland 2 has beautiful swirling patterns, almost a  Florentine look, and the colours are so rich.There are so many we will get them on here but will take time and you all know we cannot buy that-YET!!!!! Shadowlands is also available in fat quarter packs at your request! Essential Gradations ll is available in 30cm cut pack as in a fat quarter you would not get the full colour band from selvedge to selvedge-pack 12 $85.00.