Gails Patchwork Emporium Photos
We saved the important bits - thank goodness, as the alternative was the builders loo! EEK!!!
Amazing what sandblasting can do - resiliant bluestone.
We still had a sense of humour.
How can Deb still smile!
The help of good friends!
Service Please!
Oh my goodness, look what survived!!!
Total devastation!
Still beauty all around us.
Dear Gail, which room was burnt?
I don't think we will be sleeping in!
Would somebody pass the shovel please?
Remnants of a Stash!
Rob and Mel pondering a solution
Looking better.
Home for the next 18 months - Yuk!!!
The lovely new french units in their temporary home.
A pretty classy batting holder!
Sharing the man cave!
I will decorate anything that is not moving!
The restoration begins.
Well look at me now!